What is Delivery-to-Door?

delivery (1)Today there are many brand new ways to make money all over the world. The other day a brilliant idea came to my mind, namely some phrase opened the way to a huge empire of business. That is delivery-to-door.

Actually, you can sell different products over the Internet using our service known as delivery-to-door. Companies and people who work for us called deliverers-to-door. The phrase literally translated as direct supplies. We use an advance technology to delivers goods to our customers.

What does delivery-to-door mean?

The delivery-to-door service has an agreement between the distributor or the manufacturer and the retailer (you). Namely after sales, you send order information to the supplier, and then a customer receives ordered product.

Let’s make it simple:

cashThe manufacturing company produces various goods. Usually, this company neither retail their lineup nor sell it to other retailers. The manufacturing company prefers to distribute its goods to the official dealers, which will sell them for discount prices, for example, $4 dollars apiece.
An official dealer (a synonym to deliverers-to-door) buys the goods in lots directly from the manufacturer for wholesale prices. Next, the dealer sells the products to another middleman (you) for $6 dollars apiece.

You sell products to the public for $12 dollars apiece. After sales, you send order information to the dealer, and the customer receives ordered product. Finally, you makes $6 dollars on apiece.
The deliverer-to-door sends the products on behalf of yourself. Therefore, the customer receives a package with your label (your firm’s name, address and logotype) and never even knows that you did not even pack the goods.