Best Delivery-to-Door LTD project follows delivery-to-door system. It is a supply management technique, which aimed at each participant. We have gained vast experience dealing with different wholesale companies, generated a large base of customers and gotten a reputation of a reliable retailer and partner.

imagesWe are expending the field of our interests, but sometimes we faced with some hidden rocks when settling new business relationships. In such cases, we look for people who could be reliable and get round the upcoming reef lines.

We call such people agents. Today we would like to offer you several vacancies with BestDelivery-to-Door to become Premium Agents who will navigate our ship to new coastlines.



A Premium Agent is a person who represents our company abroad, participating in the supply chain as one of the important links. As soon as the delivery-to-door system aimed at reducing all unnecessary expenses in order to offer the most attractive prices to the customers, Premium Agents act as a transit point in the shipping process.
It is a common thing for the USA that the products from many local e-stores delivered only around the territory of the country. It is expensive to forward the products to Europe or countries other than the United States, besides any kinds of delay may occur when dealing with careless workers of local shops.
In our case, the major part of the job done by local postal services. A manager from the wholesaler company sends a package to your address. You receive, repack (if it is necessary) the items and send them forth by the same (or another) service to the addressee in Europe. Thus, you receive guaranteed payments for the completed orders on a regular basis, and we reduce the items delivery expenses.
The Premium Agent is a well-respected and important person in our company’s network.



careerThe tasks and duties of the Premium Agent:
• Receiving the postal correspondence to his/her address
• External examination of the packages
• Repacking the items (if it is necessary)
• Sending the correspondence to given address
The job is simple, a part-time and home-based requiring only a few hours of your spare time.

The BestDelivery-to-Door always offers a great pay for its most valuable employees. The Premium Agent receives:
Receiving of a package – 20$
Repacking the items (if it is necessary) – 5$
Receiving of small correspondence (envelopes, small packages and documentation) – 15$
Receiving of large-sized packages – 50$

If you are interested to apply for a vacant position of the Premium Agent in the USA, please, send us your resume and fill out an online form. We will be glad to start new business relationships with a serious and responsible person. Just remember: the number of the vacancies is limited – do not hesitate and apply now!